London Gateway to England’s Treasures

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As regular readers of our blog will know, Mikro Tours devises tour itineraries for visitors to London, but we do not only work in the capital city we also arrange trips to other places nearby.

And fortunately,  London is but only a matter of a few hours journey from many of the other attractions that regularly come up top of visitor wish lists.

Nearest to hand are the magnificent royal residences of Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, both of which lie but an hour from Central London.

Windsor Castle remains very much a royal residence, and is rumoured to be the Queen’s favourite home, one that she stays at during most weekends of the year.

Attractions at the castle include:- St George’s Chapel, St George’s Hall, the Waterloo Chamber, Princess Mary’s dolls house, and a regular Changing of the Guard, like that which is found at Buckingham Palace.

Hampton Court Palace, meanwhile lies a similar distance from Central London, and has been a royal palace since the days of  Henry VIII, who would often relax there in between getting married and divorced from his wives.

In fact April 2009 marks the 500th anniversary of Henry ascending the English throne, and many special events are planned to commemorate the  ‘much-married monarch’.

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Michael Gerrard- Mikro Tours

Mikro Tours takes both small and larger groups of individually minded travellers into the parts of London the big tour operators don’t reach. We also personalize tours for people wanting alternative touring experiences in England, i.e. as part of conferences and events. Why not plan your tour with us – soon. Visit our website, email us at, or call +44(0)20 8959 9696.

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