The Dark Side- Sinister Tours of London

Dear Traveller,

On the Darkside-   Mikro Tours’ tour around the sinister tales and areas of London, remain among the most popular tours that our company does.

Int never ceases to amaze me how people are prepared to pay good money to be scared, not that our tours are ever that terrifying or spine-tingling. We aim to entertain not provoke nightmares.

Fortunately London abounds with enough tales of dark goings on- witches, ghosts, executions, murder, plague, pirates etc, to guarantee a good night out.

Naturally most visitors coming on this tour are keen to follow in the footsteps of Victorian London’s  most notorious killer, the one known as  Jack the Ripper.

For a few short months in 1888 women in London’s Whitechapel, then a poor slum area in London’s East End, remained fearful that they would become victims of the crazed killer.

At least six women did die before the killing-spree ended, but due to the fact that no one was ever caught the story remains  potent today, and continues to bring many visitors to those same London streets.

Who was Jack the Ripper? Well, as the years have gone-by the lack of a conviction has prompted much speculation- was he possibly a royal prince, a butcher, or famed society artist?

All these have been suggested, but as no one is ever likely to know the truth, Jack remains an ever-green staple of Mikro Tours and others’ tours of sinister London.

Until next time,

Michael Gerrard- Mikro Tours

Mikro Tours takes small and larger groups of individually minded travellers into the parts of London the big tour operators don’t reach. We also personalize tours for people wanting alternative touring experiences in England, i.e. as part of conferences and events. Why not plan your tour with us – soon. Visit our website, email us at, or call +44(0)20 8959 9696.

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