Tea With The Queen

Dear Traveller,

Mikro Tours likes to think that we offer a bespoke personalised service to all our clients, but even we were stumped when a few years back a client demanded tea with Her Majesty.

The tour started quite normally when I came to pick up the clients from their central London hotel- A middle-aged wife, her husband and a pair of teenage kids from the city of Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

Though in retrospect I should have spotted trouble ahead- The wife and daughter were decked out in dresses, hats and were wearing white gloves, whilst her husband and son wore morning suits and top hats!

Normally my clients in August prefer to wear T-shirts and jeans, but I assumed that they were going off to a classy party after the tour. Unfortunately so did they!

That morning we gave them the Mikro Tours London treatment and we saw the popular sites which bring the tourists to the town- The Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.

Everything went smoothly until we headed towards Buckingham Palace. The wife announced that she’d bought tickets for the family to tour the Palace, something that is very popular to do in August and September.

When we arrived at the Palace the lady seemed a little disappointed that so many others were also queuing to get in.
“My!” , she said: ” I thought Her Majesty would be entertaining fewer people, but I guess with all those big rooms, she has the capacity to entertain many at one sitting.”

My fears were confirmed when once in she asked an attendant what time tea would be served for the Queen.

He replied: “I don’t know Madam she’s at Balmoral on her holidays and it depends when her corgis get hungary.”

It was then the full horror sunk in, this family from Iowa thought that a ticket to view Buckingham Palace also brought with it a chance to meet it’s most illustrious resident!

The rest of the journey was very quiet.

For the record, Buckingham Palace is open to public visits in August and September, but admission does not mean the Queen will greet you herself. For this is the time of year when the Royal Family decamp to Scotland for their holidays.

Until next time,

Michael Gerrard,

Mikro Tours Ltd.

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