A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Pub 2

Dear Traveller,

Among the most popular tours which our company, Mikro Tours, conducts around London, is ‘Olde Pubs and Ale Houses’, and as you can imagine any tour that involves drink can throw up some humorous incidents

Firstly, it should be stressed that the trip is not supposed to be a ‘bar hop’, but rather a tour around some of the capital’s most historic drinking establishments, where a drink can be enjoyed alongside the numerous tales with anecdotes.

And although for the most part our clients are content to soak up the history along with a few drinks, occasionally the soaking takes priority with comical consequences.

On one occasion, I had on board the bus  a lady visitor from Queens, New York, in the United States.

As a bar-worker back home she expressed great enthusiasm for going to see some of London’s most historic pubs, but unfortunately let slip that she had not had anything to eat before leaving for the tour.

Inevitably the lady got ever-more animated as the evening progressed, and as the drink-flowed. By our final pub, she’d found her voice and began leading the rest of my clients in singing some of Dean Martin’s greatest hits!

On arriving back at her hotel, she had to be accompanied across the road with me on one arm, and her daughter on the other. Otherwise she might have fallen off the wagon!

Until next time,

Michael Gerrard, Mikro Tours

Mikro Tours takes both small and larger groups of individually minded travellers into the parts of London the big tour operators don’t reach. We also personalize tours for people wanting alternative touring experiences in England, i.e. as part of conferences and events. Why not plan your tour with us – soon. Visit our website www.mikrotours.com, email us at info@mikrotours.com, or call +44(0)20 8959 9696.

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