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Mayflower pub Rotherhithe

Take an evening tour of historic Olde London pubs and ale houses

If the walls of London pubs could talk, what stories they could tell! Piracy and intrigue, politics, executions and ghosts. Even non-drinkers will enjoy this trip through hundreds of years of London's history. A truly memorable experience!

City of London

Prospect of Whitby pub

Olde Cheshire Cheese

Ale houses, inns and hostelries have played such a role in London's life for so many centuries that it is hardly surprising that much of the capital's history and notable incidents are bound up with historic London pubs.

This evening tour takes in some of the oldest pubs in London, along both banks of the River Thames. It takes you, by luxury minibus and on foot, to parts of the capital that the average tourists doesn't usually see.


Enjoy stories and anecdotes about the pubs you visit and learn about their history, the area in which they are situated, and London in general.

Areas visited include:

  • Bankside, for centuries the site of pubs and theatres, such as Shakespeare's Globe
  • Rotherhithe, an old docklands area from which The Mayflower sailed, taking the Pilgrim Fathers to America
  • Wapping, a dockland area popular with pirates and also a place of execution.

This is a historic pub tour, rather, than a pub crawl, but you will get the chance to enjoy a drink at the pubs.

Take the tour of historic London pubs and ale houses for a great night out. Cheers!

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Prices for historic pub tours, excluding drinks, are £48 per person, with a minimum booking of four people per tour.

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